May the gates of Elysium,
erase my thoughts of you.
And the echos of them closing,
sound like I want them to.

May my memories be blinded,
by the yellow light of sky.
The tears it touches warmly,
be like I never cried.

May these words that are unspoken.
not forever stay unsaid.
So these gates that lie before me,
can make my mind forget.

Dedicated to her

I like it very much, but please forgive me if I’m mistaken, it seems it has a tone of sadness…

Is something going wrong???

I hope things are not going bad for you, right now…

If yes, can we do anything to help???

I’m alright don’t worry :wink:
just one of those days.


And…isn’t it ElysiuN

I always wondered why the website is elysiun and the place was elysium…

i was going to answer with a witty breakdown/ translation of your poem but i decided that it wasn’t appropriate in the circumstances.


I’m pretty sure it’s Elysium. “ium/eum” is typical profix (the opposite of prefix if you can say that) for latin (stadium, gymnasium, collegium, colosseum etc)… but Idon’t realy know latin so you may be right.[/b]

from an old discussion I remember that elysium/elysiun mean the same thing, it’s the same place…just with different writing

@ndy are you grieving, over golden groves unleaving? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it’s not Latin…

It comes from Greek Mythology…

It’s the “illisia pethia” … The Mythological fields where all heroes go after they die… Something similar to Scandinavian “Valhala”… 8)

After the Romans adopted the Greek 12 gods, they turned it to Elysium

It has been discussed some ages ago, but I don’t remember why kib, decided to change the last letter…

Goofster I’m glad to hear that everything’s fine… :smiley:

hmmm, we should change our avatars :slight_smile:

indeed we should!

indeed you should :stuck_out_tongue:

How about:

CJ Hunter: @ndy
CJ Hunter: Goofy


Oops, sorry. :expressionless: Silly me.

hmmm, we should change our avatars :)[/quote]

which reminds me…where’s the CJ? the last one’s been like half a year ago… :frowning:

elysiuM.com was taken :slight_smile:

and elYsiuN was also discussed (as an alternate spelling) in the dictionary so I registered that instead :slight_smile: