Elysium2008 Half-Life 2 Mod

LOL, look at what I found, a HL2 mod named so close to our beloved:


actually elysiun and elysium is the same word…different spelling…it comes from the greek mythology.

looks like a great mod…going to buy my copy of hl2 tomorrow :smiley:

seems to me that only about 20 percent of all Mods have a Screenshots page up. 50 percent of those mods have a downloads page up, and 50 percent of THOSE mods suck. why?!

/me goes to play some Digital Painball

It’s probably because the SDK hasn’t been released yet so they can only do work on the art, not the actual game modifications. Just give 'em a little bit.

I would venture so far as to say the same for HL1 mods.