Elysiun/Blender excellence award?

This is just an idea I had a while back. I don’t know how this will work since Elysiun is not considered a big cg forum; but I still think it would be an interesting idea non the less.

I know some of you here have accounts on CGTalk.com. If so you probably have noticed that the best Computer Generated Images that have high user ratings are awarded with a CGTalk.com Choice Award. See here: http://cgtalk.com/forumdisplay.php?f=121

I think it would be a cool idea for us here at Elysiun to award such honors. We could set up a rating system so users could rate the images in the Finished Projects section. We could make our own award logo for winners. It would also be cool to set up a Choice award gallery.

Awards can be very inspiring to artists. If they recieve an award they can have the satisfaction of knowing that their work is appreciated. If they do not recieve an award, they will work harder to recieve one; inturn making them a better artist.

If the mods decide to go ahead with this, I am willing to donate my spare time to make this happen.

Just an idea though. What do you think?


This has been brought up a few times in the past. It has been quashed every time.

Not that it is a bad idea. I beleive that praise and merit should be given to good pieces. Just doesn’t seem to go over well here.

Maybe with the new changes coming to the site, that may change. We will have to wait and see.


Wonder why. Do people just not like the idea? It would be a nice edition to the upcoming website update.

I like your idea, but for some strange reason I am sceptical regarding the new elysiun…

It might make sense I guess if Blenderman magazine were involved.

I wouldn’t say the idea’s been squashed, so much as it’s been sidelined with “Yes, all this and more will be possible on the NEW IMPROVED elYsiun.com!” Of course, this has been said for the last couple of years.

but remember, its comming Soon(i hope).

An excellance award for images could work and could encourage people who made the images but I don’t know about those who don’t get it.

I would love to see an award system implemented into elysiun. I love cgtalks choice awards. It’s good inspiration for the artist.

So I would definitely vote for it if it were to be implemented.

Yes, it would be cool if such a thing was possible in Blender :wink:

In Blender? You mean Elysiun? :stuck_out_tongue:

Joke :wink:
It’s like a feature request :wink: :smiley:

This is the best idea I’ve heard all day. Better get crackin’. :wink:

So it’d kinda be like the WC, only not on a time constraint? How would would we do it?

Frankly I think there are not enough good artists at Elysiun to make this worth while.
It would be @ or b. that wins every month/week.

If this site would be a good site (not just a forum), then the best picture would be on the frontpage anyway.
( don’t reply with: timothy is working on it, I know he is, but he is for already more than 2 years. ) So, maybe with SXOPS in place (or whatever the carrots name is) Com.members can do something like an award (wondering what the price is, and who’s going to pay for it).

Actrally Goofster use to hand that kinda award for good blender images. But there just so many new posts, it became unbearable for him to maintain. and the Community Jounals as well

I think this could encourage more artists who don’t usually show their work to come and show it off. There are a lot of experienced Blender artists out there who rarely/never show their work to communities, and this might be just what they’re looking for.

It would also encourage learners to try that little bit harder to make an excellent image instead of just a good one.

The only side effect I see is that some beginners might be scared away, thinking that they don’t belong. So it’s important to keep the choice section as a secondary part of the forum, otherwise beginners will think they have to be really good before they show anything.

I’ve always liked this idea.

I think I’ll just start handing out awards.

This is a very good counter pointto this idea. one must ask him self how would the artist be judged? would a picture be judged reletive to cgtalk or to elysiun - either way it won’t really work - but it will bw an interesting experiment.

I suggested an idea like this a long time ago. It was well-received, but it just never happened.

There is already one rather unofficial award here, it’s called “PlantPerson’s I Like Your Avatar Award.” It’s awarded whenever someone has an avatar that I like. There’s no great prize or anything, but the winner will receive a PM from me saying I like his avatar.

That is a good point. But I think if we put our heads together we can come up with a good solution for judging images. We don’t want the same handful of people grabbing awards every time. But if users see that we offer awards, we may start seeing many new artists producing much better work. The FP image quality would become much better.