elysiun city

i thought of a really cool project, a project we all do! here are the rules:
1)first we decide what type of city we want
2)one of us strarts with a building or something and uploads the blender file
3)everyone add something of their own once in a while and then upload again
4)if you are using the file right now, post an [updating] post, so no one else will put his updates without your updates
5)dont forget to post a [file is useble] post once you finished updating
6)no deleting stuff that other people did!
7)once we are finished we make a path for the camera to walk all around our city!

wanna give it a try?

Hey, cool idea, I’d love to do that. Can I continue after you? You can begin, and then I’ll be glad to do that kinda thing. As for the type, I don’t know, a few skyscrapers, a footbridge etc. and for the rest houses, supermarkets etc. would be cool.

No newbie artwork either! It needs to get approval by the project supervisor if its quality enough.

the problem is that i dont really know where to upload this…but ok i’ll start!


I’ll host this, just e-mail it to [email protected]

and i’ll grab it after 4go10soul


who will that be?

This was done a long time ago. I wonder what ever happened to that original effort.

Anyone know?

The way the original one worked, if I recall correctly, was that someone hosted the main blend file and people sent in their blend files and the houses/buildings were appended to the main file. You were given/assigned a plot in the original blend file to put your building.


anyway i dont know where to start…so someone else has to

ok i’ll start it, dunno what happened to the original but it’s always good to start anew sometimes.


bgdm: the guy who hosted it (pofo) couldn’t do it anymore… so he gave up… I was thinking of starting it up again… and actually from time to time, I still do… but nowadays I kind of think that people wouldn’t be that interested.

I even have the original blends :slight_smile: and some newer logos I did that never got out :slight_smile:


what could be nice is that someone makes a city plan and people can get “terrain” to create their buildings. effectively turning it into a “real” city.

i can create the city map but i dont know anything about city planing exept the basic stuff.

found them, made quick renders…

here they are (click on the picture):



basse: Glad you found that. Awesome stuff. Brings back so many memories of the old days. :wink:

And that one was not Goofster’s, it was S68’s if I recall correctly.


Give me about 2 hours and i’ll ahve everything, including my own place, done. i’ll even host it on my domain.


nice. lets make it better.

Ill Join :D. has it started yet?

I would like to join but my blender skills amount to zilch

I’ll see how all of this is going to be put together and watch for a little while and then i’ll see if i’ll make something for this project. Sounds ambitious, hope you get it going.

Ok i have a base city plan done.


i’ll eventually divide the city up into streets, cresents etc. Python Programmer Road, Animation Avenue.

now all we need is to elect a mayor to do city hall.


WOW! Great plan macblender. I wish I could join but I"m not very good with blender right now. I love the idea. I hope this will get finished cause it’s an awesome idea.