elYsiun.com Forums will go down!!!

For a bit later this week :slight_smile: (scared you didn’t I)

I’ve been looking into a update of phpBB 1.4.2 (current version) and have found it in phpBB 2.0 Alpha RC 3.0. It adds quite a few nice features and I hope I can get the basic forum up this week to improve the design of it over the next few weeks.

Anyways when updating I expect a downtime of around 1 to 2 hours since I need to backu the database, install it on my computer, convert the database , run some tests, and install it on the webserver again.

Just thought I’d let you guys know before hand.

Timothy Kanters

Thanks Tim :slight_smile:

thanks for warn us in advance…and great that you will update it !!!



Thanks. So, at this point, do you have any life left?

scared the HELL out of me!!
don’t try this again (please)… heh :wink:

keep blending,

freaked me out also…
I agree, DO you have any life left?

hehe, well this last week I’ve been amazingly busy, mostly with school though.

He he… I guess you didn’t expect to be the most important dude in the Blenderhead community this quickly, did you? I’m pretty sure everybody appreciate your efforts more than you can imagine… Make sure you put some PayPal-thingy or equivalent here soon. I’ll be happy to throw a couple of bucks your way I soon as I get my VISA card running again :slight_smile: and I guess most of the ppl around here won’t mind doing the same thing.