elYsiun.com is open!

Hey all,

elYsiun.com is now officially open, go check it out at https://blenderartists.org

Greets Kib_Tph

wow, been a while hasnt it!!!


oh boy it sure has been a while

What’s the point in bumping extremely old threads like this? It equals out to be spam in the end.

It’s quite distasteful in my view. :frowning:


so, let’s not post reply!



no, it’s like memories…

retroposting I would call it, like retrogaming…

maybe this is a way of Timothy saying that the site will be complete/updated soon such as galleries, support , links and etc.

It wasn’t Timothy that bumped it to the top though.

If you guys keep bumping this thread you’re going to confuse some poor noob. :smiley:

heh, most of those who will post in this thread will be a consider a “bumper” , even myself… :wink: so why don’t stop posting :stuck_out_tongue: ?

okey okey, I’ll shut up now :stuck_out_tongue:

25 pages later, it’s an argument about “whatever”.

I could lock it [!]

Yeah, but then I couldn’t have done THIS!! :smiley:




lock it.

Delete all of the posts except the original and lock it. Thats my vote.