elYsiun.com:. Update

(Timothy) #1

hey everyone,

I just added a support page to elYsiun.com where you can find several ways to find support using Blender.

I also changed the menu layout so the different sections become more clear.

As a 3rd update I added a PayPal donation banner at the bottem of the Forum. So if you can spare a small amount of money to help keep this place up, please do.

I have some big updates planned for next week. I want to finish the new forum design, and I want to update some galleries and add some tutorials / special items. However I’ve got a very busy week ahead of me because I’ve got 6 exams on monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday so I won’t be updating at all untill friday.

Thanks ALOT for your support to elYsiun.com.

Timothy Kanters

(Sprite) #2

Excellent. :slight_smile: Thanks for maintaining such a great website! And best of luck and skill on your exams too.


(S68) #3


good luck with your exams.