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WELCOME to a new thread thats for pure comedy, it was started by imgrandpaboy and I cause this thread rocks =). feel free to flip through the pages fore a laugh, and add anything in you like, this is a completely free to post thread.

Here are the table of contents, they will be added on as we go along, cause we really just talk about anything funny that comes to our minds =)

-Page 1-2 (3d program spoofs) http://www.elysiun.com/viewtopic.php?t=1904

-Page 2-6(windows parodies) http://www.elysiun.com/viewtopic.php?t=1904&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15

-Page 6-7 (short stories) http://www.elysiun.com/viewtopic.php?t=1904&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=75

-Page 7-8(bill jokes) http://www.elysiun.com/viewtopic.php?t=1904&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=90

Enjoy the thread, and remember you ca add a joke, say anything you like in this thread, happy reading =D.

ONTO the 3d Program Spoofs…

no doubt the toasters of today are quickly catching up to blender’s CG abilities…

(blengine) #2

u know theres actually a program called toaster???
its an amazing 3d scanner hardware and a cool little program that makes decent realistic grapohics… what blender has to watch out for though, is that oven! baked graphics are cool, but are blenders worst nightmare!

(LohnS) #3

yeah, theres lightwave, but that oven program HeatWave is one helluva renderer.

(blengine) #4

hahaha, yeah but they both better watch out for microwave! thats got the decentest radiosity!

(LohnS) #5

yeah, maybe they’ll find a good exporter to microwave cause the best modeller IMO is Rolling Pin 3D.

(blengine) #6

lol, well nuthing has bettering texturing than toilet 3d! i mean, u load alot of fiber into your hardware, and it blast out amazingly smelly, errr, realistic graphics!

(LohnS) #7

yeah i know, and oyu cna’t forget Drill MAX, that has got to have the best boolean operation method in any program =).

(blengine) #8

heh, i agree with your there… but i mean, cmon, what about trashcan 4d??? thats got the best UNDO and ERASE features ever seen around the 3d kingdom… oh and hamper 6d has unlimited layering which can be used in cohoots with closet space 3d… if u ask me, which u didnt, put blender in with trashcan, and closet space 3d, thats a killer combo!

(LohnS) #9

yeah i’d get one of those…hmmm…call it…BlendTrashAmper 13D?

(blengine) #10

13d??? haha, sounds like my bra size…errr…i mean…16d! yeah…err…
theyre huge!

hey, ever tried coffee potter? its a nice little 3d curve program that makes ONLY coffee cups, its very useful for the 1 to 2 year coffee cup phases all 3d modelers go threw…


(LohnS) #11

yeah i know, and at $70,000 its a steal for those ‘need-to-make-a-coffe-cup’ times.

(blengine) #12

yeah, its a heftuy but worth it cost…of course, theres always the solution of getting a ware…errr…ice cream copy of the program?
just search in KaZaa… while youre there, pick up couch 3d, for them couch binging needs… =)

(LohnS) #13

yeah its great they make so many programs for individual needs, very handy. Also we can’t forget Paper Towl Maker 1D. Makes the best wireframe paper towls it does in 1D, too bad you can’t render, nothing to see =(

Maybe a 2d version is needed?

(blengine) #14

oh man…too funny :stuck_out_tongue:
well, if nuthing is what u want, theres AirModeler 0D… its a good deal at only 20 thou, its so worth it to be able to render nuthing and have it look so good, ya know?

(LohnS) #15

yeah i actually bought that with 5 years of saving, well worth my money =D. I think i might upgrade to Oxygen Modeller 0D soon, only $10,000 extra, what a bargin =D.

(blengine) #16

damn that is a bargain! i have a question, whats the interface like???
i have GodModeler InfinityD, it allows you to create your own religions and model rules and stuff and design your own god…its pretty cool… but im sure its no oxygen modeler 0d :wink:

(LohnS) #17

well the oxygen modeller 0D has a great interface, its tools are.

-Oxygen bubble mesh: lets you place an oxygen bubble in the CG space

-Oxygen particle feild: lets you make a whole bunch of bubbles in a selected area

their the main ones. Very handy tools =D

God modeller sounds cool, but i dunno…hmm…sounds a bit unsophisticated, i mean it doesn’t seem as good as the universe modeller 10000000000000000000000000D it has an automatic god builder for mutiple religions in different solar systems and on different planet’s. Maybe i’ll use that for the world making contest =D[/img]

(blengine) #18

wow your so right! oxygen modeler 3d is amazing! i just d/l it and i’m loving it, heres my first render using the program, its a demo version so theres a watermark…

yo check this out! my first render with it!


(LohnS) #19

WOW thats amazing, great amount of detail, as always imgrandpaboy great imaginative work, i love it!
I think i’ll give it a shot, brb with a render…

(blengine) #20

well, im not too happy with the oxygen bubbles…and i sure as hell coulda did better in making the oxygen field that surrounds the air city in this pic… i do like the air though, it came out pretty real