Elysiun Community I Need Your Help

I have purchesed the Xbox 360 about 2 months ago on launch day. Since then I have just played DOAU and Halo 2 on it. I did not have the budget to buy DOA4. Sad .

But the lucky day has come!

There is a contest on Bungie.net. You had to make some boxart for a Halo related fighting game. In my entry I have put 3D rendition, photography and a bit of photoshop to create a cool DOA4 related case. There are 7 winners and they will each win a copy of DOA4…I really want to be on of those 7 and I will much appreaciate it if you would vote for my entry.

My entries are 91 and 92.


All you have to do is click on the checkboxes and scroll down to the page where it says next page. The you will be promted to a next page with your choices )my entry hopefully Smile ). Under the entries there is a box and it says “I am happy with my choices” …click that and you are done.

I am a huge fan of the franchise…played it since the arcade version and I would really appreaciate it if you would vote for my entry. Hopefully I will fight with the best of you!

If I win this would be the second contest i won because of Blender :slight_smile:

Thank you!

This is a bit dishonest, isn’t it?
Asking people to vote for you, you should be ashamed :wink:

I should…but I also worked hard on it lol. And if I could buyit myself I would…but I already spent most of my money on a 360.

here is the pic I made BTW.


The funny thing is, I would have picked them anyways, they are better than probably 90% of the other entries, even if the render isn’t perfect, the concept is a good one.

Thank you! Yeah…the render is much less than perfect…I only did the 3D part of it for 30 minutes…since it was my first time using Gimp I had a bit of a learning curve but it was still fun!

I have no sympathy for people who mismanage their finances and try to cheat to patch it up. I’m voting for entry #99, because the guy has a sense of humor and it’s the worst entry. Sabotage is very rewarding, believe it or not.

Not to say your boxart isn’t up to par, in fact, it’s better than most of the others there, although your render is pretty blurry. However, asking for people to vote for you after you spent all your money on a console just so you can buy a game for it is something I don’t agree with.

I would not call it mismanaged finances…I am only 16. I got the money from a summer job. Also you have not sabotaged anithing…You can vote for 5 of your favourites…I just said if you wanna vote but take mine in consideration. There are going to be 7 winners and I also voted for number 99 along with some others.

and yes the render is blurry…should have saved as PNG.

Yeah, #99 is really cool.

No offense, but 94 was by far my favorite. Sleek 'n stylish.

Then you don’t get the game I guess.

Your entries have a decent chance of winning simply because the competition is pretty damn poor. You guys think that #99 was joking, look at the rest of the entries.

You’re 16, get a job.

(My favorite entry was this one)

I’m weak, I admit it. The mystic #99 has caught my eye again and tempted me to vote for it again. I think I’ve made a point here, the entire voting is bogus, because anybody with a dynamic IP can vote as many times as they like. Guess what the other contestants and their friends are doing? Yep, you got it.

lol…of course…but like I said in my first post: I just said I would appreaciate it of you would consider my entry. That’s it…I’m not saying do it. It is your choice…

dynamic ips rock
pfft all you ppl who record my information and think you will be able to stop me posting stuff…

hehe came across a website that got me thinking.
it was recording my information. but, i changed it