elYsiun favicon mess-up

look-somehow Firefox messed up the favicon associations.

The ThinkGeek icon has been used for elYsiun!!!

Umm… Mr. Mozilla, that’s the Think Geek favicon, and actually, elYsiun doesn’t have one.

gets eaten by Mozilla

ok? yea why dont we have one?we should.

Yeah maybe then Firefox wouldn’t keep substituting ones from other sites. It’s done it (to elYsiun) with a few others, too.

why should we?

why should we?[/quote]
Why ask why? shake n’ bake!
Oh come on, i can’t be the only one who remembers that/those commercial(s)

i felt like saying that is that ok?

There was a big post/poll a while back in this forum and i think that no favicon won. Im not sure and i dont really wanna look for it so if you really wanna know look up another favicon post here in this forum.

maybe we will get one with the site redesign.

Maybe we will also get a blender smilie with the site redesign.

pokes theeth


yea a blender smiley…how do u import smileys, cause ive seen people useing different smileys here?

The same way you post any other picture to the forums, upload it somewhere and use [img]http://url[/img]

ok kl thanks phlip.

hehe my blender smiley :P. http://mywebpage.netscape.com/grimreapertl/blender123.GIF

elYsiun doesn’t have an icon because Timothy doesn’t like them. That means it will never get one :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay- I don’t have any idea how this is even possible.


no I’m not doing this on purpose!!!

Thats strange but mine doesnt show favicons for any websites.
Maybe its just a bug. Might want to check the site for a list of known bugs and submit this one if it isnt there.

Is that similar to Shake’n’Vac and put the freshness back?


Shake n’ bake always had the old lady and her grandson making fried chicken inside of a ziplock bag. Very odd. Im pretty sure it tasted bad because it never really hit the grocerie big time.