elYsiun feature request

Like the others, I don’ t know if this is the right place to post this or not, but here goes…

I think it would be a great feature to include a template in the posting page that includes “fields” for all (or most of) the rendering/material/lighting settings of Blender. It could be something you could switch on or off and could be included in those forums where images are typically posted (ie WIP and FP)

This would have the benefit of providing a (more) comprehensive list of settings that viewers/noobs/learners might be interested in regarding a posted piece of artwork. The poster could click the “on” button and then parse thru the list of settings and type in the ones he’d like to share within his post. Having a “list” there would help the poster remember all the setting options, and make it easy/uniform to enter them.

I suppose it could be taken a step further to where a python script within Blender could export all the settings to a file that is readable/parsable by elYsiun’s posting.php, so it happens automatically when the poster browses to the output file.

Is this just too whacked? %| Is there even any desire/need for this? (I know I’m always interested in what settings various artists here use, altho I’m sure they’d like to keep some secrets to themselves… :Z ) Thots? :wink: