elYsiun is still looking for a new design!

Most people know about the upcoming changes here at elYsiun. both cosmetic and code-wise. BUT!


for more info on specifications and such, check out this thread:

An artist community, I think we owe it to ourselves to create a cool site :slight_smile:

your friendly neighbourhood moderator:


if this thing still hasn’t been finalised within 2 months i will give a new design a damn good shot goofster.

untill then, back to work he he he he


ya, if there isnt a good one in a couple of months, i will try too.

i would have a go now, but i have sooooo much to do as far as building other webpages.

If there isn’t a good one in a couple of months… there’ll never be…

Nathan…you’re back!

I have to agree with md01, if there isn’t any good one in a couple of months there will never be one …


I’ve posted my first sketch of what I’ve thought would be good in the thread. It would help though if we were given a more comprehensive design brief - image sizes, intended image format, colour depth, colour influences, ectera. That would of made it alot easier for us all and give us more of a focus.

i agree on wanting a better design breif.

currently most people trying to contribute seem to be wasting their time.



You’re right, but this is all old news, and nobody seemed to listen untill now, ofcourse the designs were not great… Goofster is going to hate me for this I know but I just don’t see why the ppl trying to design this thing may not know if there will be a name / logo change… It helps making a good design.

If they are so nervous about that, just aponit only a number of ppl to make the site and agree not to tell anyone…(if that’s the reason)… it’s time to get this thing rolling…

well i am keen to help but will not be able to untill two months away, so at that point i don’t mind putting in a good effort.

but i agree


How about this as a design brief (just my views)

The popular online community Elysiun is in dire need of a new design! The premiere Blender3D user site, Elysiun has been experiencing growing pains over the growing influx of Blender users, and so the admins feel that it is time to give the website, both frontend and backend, a total makeover to reflect the incoming new talent!

The Elysiun website needs a new front-end - a new graphic design and layout to bring the look of the site up to scratch. The current design, although beloved by many users, has been stagnating recently and so the call has gone out to the community to help with the redesign.
As such, the challenge is open to any that want to contribute! Here is a list of what we need:

  • The template can be submitted as either a layered Photoshop image (.psd), layered GIMP image, or as a straight .jpg or .gif ready to be spliced up.

  • The aimed colour range for banners and pictures will be 16 million colours EXCEPT for links, if you feel the need for them to be coloured to match your design - for those, you should use the 256 colour basic web palatte. Why? For users of old browsers - if they can’t see your images, they can still see your links.

  • The template page (image) should include a news area, links, thumbnails and login area (and associated elements) If you feel the need to, you can submit a secondary design for the Fourm part of the website.

  • The maximum width for the page will be 800 pixels wide - ideally around 760 pixels (the rest of the page will be taken up by a single colour background) Why? Whilst 50% of users use a 1024x768 resolution, that still means that 50% don’t. It also nicely frames the page. Also, go for 72dpi - this is web, not print.

  • The current colours of Elysiun are grey, dark grey, light grey, and orange. Whilst we don’t expect you to design in these colours, the use of ‘Elysiun Orange’ would be appreciated. Not compulsory, of course, but the colour Orange seems to have a long associatation with not only Elsyiun, but Blender as well.

  • The font for the doby text should be Arial. Make sure that the fonts for banners and other graphics is clear and legible. Remember that users will be staring at the text for quite a while, so remember to make it easy on the eyes and not to clash with the background.

Anything else?[/b]

We’ve found a design: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=277332#277332

Some questions disturb me…
i am the first one who have reacted about a remake of elysiun or at least relaunched the “debate”.

But while i was looking for a new design, i was confronted to some blanks.

I think we have to redesign Elysiun not only at an esthetical point, indeed it’s pretty blurred, some sections are simply abandoned.
I should think we have to redefine Elysiun:
Does Elysiun is only a board?
What does Elysiun give us other than a discussion forum?
Does Elysiun is only for Blender?

*i don’t see anymore interest about a “News page” because there are no news :slight_smile:
*Special item is dead.

Then, we could melt elysiun in one simple Board which would contain:

top head: Some thumbnails for (interesting Thread, or Best thread,etc etc) ***cgtalk like (commercial kind in less or why not with)

–General Forums
News and Chat
off-topic Chat

Finished project
Wip project

–Contest (we could put it in Artworks)
Weekeng Challenge

– Support
Blender general (regrouping blender Animation/render/etc)
Elysiun general
Python support

Special items were really funny but i know this is also a time consumer to creating. But elysiun isn’t only that.

So if there won’t more “movements” in Frontpage, just melt Elysiun in One discussion board.

Elysiun is really hard to defining.

I’ve posted in every design thread I can find (sorry) this one seems to be more current. Anyway, I took a break for a while to let me head clear up, and I am ready now with a new idea on paper. As soon as I can get a few spare minutes I will be working on the first draft of the new concept.


I take it that you know that it’s not necessary anymore ?? Just making sure you don’t start working for nothing :wink:

For the new design, how about making it more obvious that this is a blender site? The Blender logo is nowhere to be found here, you could mistake it for being a general 3D related site.