elYsiun logo,.. in 3D

(Timothy) #1

hey guys,

MNME created a low poly version of the elYsiun logo in 3d after I had given him a psd of the logo with a decent enough resolution.
So I figured it might be fun to have the elYsiun logo in 3D aswell using curves (I had it in illustrator format). So anyways I just created the logo earlier tonight.

Anyways you can see it here:
http://www.elYsiun.com/promo/elYsiunLogo.avi (DivX 5.02, 230kb)

And for those of you who don’t have divx,… or just don’t feel like downloading a crappy logo animation :):



(FutureShip0) #2

GREAT JOB! are you putting that where the old logo is right now? I’m the firts one to post here!

(Friday13) #3

Very cool 3D logo! :smiley:

(thetechie) #4

Sweet! I wish I had those kind of skills . . .

(valarking) #5

cool! i never thought of doing the elysiun logo. swweeettt.

(kaktuswasse) #6

cool work!

(Idgas) #7

looks really good. Awsome

(LohnS) #8

wow really cool =D

(scrappy) #9

sweet, couldn’t have done better myself. i mean it is just so perfect, even the seperations in color, like the dark gray outline around the light gray Y…awesome

(lycanth) #10

That is pretty cool. How did you get from the curves in Illustrator to Blender?

(blengine) #11

thats a great logo! the lightings real nice…

(Timothy) #12

I actually used the lighting setup in the file MNME send to me,… since this was also the file I was creating the new logo in. It is indeed a good setup for this render.

I may use the logo on elYsiun.com though not sure if it will replace the 2d logo.

I didn’t convert from illustrator to blender, but I simply recreated the curves.


(sten) #13

Hey Kib Cool Artwork !!

I like it :slight_smile:

(Andy Goralczyk) #14

cool :o
nice lighting…


(Dittohead) #15

VERY NICE!! i love it.