Elysiun Pronunciation

(Pheonix) #1

How do you pronounce elysiun?

I pronounce it elle-LEE-cee-yun

(Alltaken) #2


(Riskbreaker) #3

Hasnt this already been resolved!?!?!?

I could have sworn we did this already…aw man…i gotta lay off the booze…

(stukkm) #4

yeah, we’ve covered this before. well, not specifically on the pronunciation but rather the meaning of elysiun (although i’m pretty sure pronunciation was covered somewhere in that thread)

(Pheonix) #5

I’ve only been here for 'bout 3 months (I think) so if it has been talked about before I probably missed it.

(stukkm) #6

i understand. in fact… you joined in aug? yeah, you probably did miss that one. ah well, no harm done :smiley:

besides, now you know, and knowing is half the battle!
as to when this battle started, where it is being fought, by whom, and for what reasons, i have no clue :wink: