Elysiun statistics...

(S68) #1

Ok, new, freshly made graphs on how Elysiun Members are going…



shows how many members were in the database each day since the beginning of the epoch :wink:



shows how many members has a given post total and, explicitely gives the total memberswithin each category.

Have fun


(sten) #2

COOL !! :o

(snowy_duck) #3

i wonder if i’m the big red line in the second graph? :stuck_out_tongue:

(valarking) #4

you and a million other n00bs.

(snowy_duck) #5

hey i’ve been here since NaN was still runingand i first downloaded blender in like 2.0 (though i forget how do use ikas armatures are much better) and i’m always here just i’ve never wanted to say something until now

(valarking) #6

i was kidding. i think i’ve been in the community for 3 (?) years. since about 1.5.

(snowy_duck) #7

hey u know how when ever it goes from like 1.0 to 2.0 it’s a huge difference well what was the huge improvement for blender?

(IMProvisar) #8

You’re a “regular”… that drops you down past the red and orange into the yellow block. :slight_smile:


(haunt_house) #9

It is nice when you can say which line you are.

But Stefano, either you have used theeth as the right border or you have forgotten him.

poor theeth :frowning:


(valarking) #10

you don’t know???
massive interface look improvement. the interface was made less blocky and more smooth. so much that’s it’s hard to use blender 1.8 anymore. blender 2.0 also introduced the game engine. it had alot of other (less noticable) bug fixes/improvements. i believe the python language was tweaked/changed a bit (?).

Old Blender (1.8):

(snowy_duck) #11

wow i’m lucky i came right as they released 2.0 and if i would have come ealier i wouldn’t have downloaded it cause it didn’t have a game engine and IMProvisar if u would please notice that i only have 26 posts and when i asked about the red line i was still refered to as a noobie :stuck_out_tongue:

(S68) #12

Sure, theeth IS the right border (there is a indigo line superimosed to the graph frame…)


(snowy_duck) #13

TEETH is forgotten! no no it CAN"T BE pounds hand against the table crying NOOOO…looks up at the people around him sorry momentary lapse of insanitary