Elysiun The Game Community Project Update

Many of you remember this thread:
-Boring Backstory-
I’d given up on this game and I was hoping everyone had forgotten about it, but it recently saw a brief revival which made me give it a second look. I could see that there was still a good deal of interest, even though elYsiun no longer existed. I didn’t want to work on it anymore though. Then maccam912 sent me a private message, asking if I’d let him continue its development. I said I’d rather not. However, his message helped me along a new train of thought. What if elYsiun: The Game became more of a community effort? It’s a game about the community, after all. Perhaps making it a community project is more in the spirit of the game anyway.

-Exciting Conclusion-
So I’ve decided to release the elYsiun: the Game files to the public. Sutabi has generously offered me hosting and you can now download the files, and visit its official homepage, here: http://www.gorilla3d.com/plantperson/elygame.html. Here’s how the project will work: you start working on some aspect of the project, based on input from this thread, and then as it comes nearer to being finished, it will be added to a test release and evaluated by the community. My role is to make sure the project stays organized. Every now and then I will update the webpage with a new version of the official game file. So get to work, download the files, examine the to-do list, and get started now!

We are currently in the planning and optimizing stage. The goals at this moment are to get the game to full compatibility with Blender 2.4x and to decide what the levels should be. Discussion on these subjects should take place in this thread.

Good luck, and happy blending!

Remember that
so far at least 20 people said they would work on it but
not one has even done anything on it.
Plantperson and i really need some work done on it.
im saying you need to do alll the work on it but it is a Community Project.
the people who said they would work on it im holding them to their word.
if you do work on it PM me.
if plantPerson adds it to the game file he will post the person who worked on it and what they did and the link.

So what do you need? I’m a newb, I can’t make really realistic great things, but I’m a perfectionist so if you need anything not too hard to make…I’d love to help out… I’ll attach some of my attempts on making things if you want.

just goto the site or make objects for the game and give us the link.

Luckily, I didn’t promise anything. That’s pretty much the way team projects go, though. If it isn’t a design argument it’s a general lack of interest. The real question is, by the time you finish will any of the characters be remembered? Very risky game idea. Probably should have done something very simple that could have been finished in the area of a month or two. Have people contribute the heads to thier avatars and make the gameplay something that can be whipped out in pretty short order.

When I started this project, elYsiun still existed. It’s true, these things are beginning to fade into the past.

Just a reminder, though: if anyone is really interested in helping out, this is the thread to post in. In the interest of keeping the project at least sort of organized, DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD. All discussion is should take place in the original thread. If we start new threads every time someone wants to talk about the project, think about how complicated this will become. Thanks.
correct thread