elYsiun: The Game NOW AN OPEN PROJECT!

Many of you remember this thread:
-Boring Backstory-
I’d given up on this game and I was hoping everyone had forgotten about it, but it recently saw a brief revival which made me give it a second look. I could see that there was still a good deal of interest, even though elYsiun no longer existed. I didn’t want to work on it anymore though. Then maccam912 sent me a private message, asking if I’d let him continue its development. I said I’d rather not. However, his message helped me along a new train of thought. What if elYsiun: The Game became more of a community effort? It’s a game about the community, after all. Perhaps making it a community project is more in the spirit of the game anyway.

-Exciting Conclusion-
So I’ve decided to release the elYsiun: the Game files to the public. Sutabi has generously offered me hosting and you can now download the files, and visit its official homepage, here: http://www.gorilla3d.com/plantperson/elygame.html. Here’s how the project will work: you start working on some aspect of the project, based on input from this thread, and then as it comes nearer to being finished, it will be added to a test release and evaluated by the community. My role is to make sure the project stays organized. Every now and then I will update the webpage with a new version of the official game file. So get to work, download the files, examine the to-do list, and get started now!

We are currently in the planning and optimizing stage. The goals at this moment are to get the game to full compatibility with Blender 2.4x and to decide what the levels should be. Discussion on these subjects should take place in this thread.

Good luck, and happy blending!

Oooh sounds good, count me in, i always liked the idea for the game.

As for the levels, they could be different sections of the forum with objectives for each one. The hardest level could take place in the off topic forum.

Anyhoo ill see what everyone else comes up with.

Well, if you look at the website, there’s a list of the levels I’d originally planned. They involve defeating specific baddies like the Yellow Cube with Interesting Lighting, Bunnie, and CubeFan. I’d originally planned a Kansas_15 level, too, but now that he’s back (Icoxo) is that appropriate?

Actually I could be one who eventually turns to the side of good, at first you fight him (Kansas_15), but then you find he can help when he becomes Icoxo.

It’s just a thought, i’m not sure if this is a good idea or not assuming you align the game with the history of this forum.

Ooh, i’m so excited. about both things.
Count me in for the game.

about the kansas thing. perhaps he gota spel or he was poisoned and pulled to the dark forces that way? just a though. whe you manage to despell him or whatever he could became “Icoxo”!

he could be a sidekick or just fight evil somewhere else…?


I’ll help a bit! I’m kinda busy with another game project, but i can make room!

I can do you a menu system with configurable options & controls. Just let me know what kind of design / style you’d be looking for.

Not a very good deal IMO.

Are you looking for partners or work slaves? When you make something an open “Community Project” you have to give a considerable chunk of power to the community. Having you make the final decisions still makes this “Your game”, only it’s getting made by extorting community effort (sorry to make it sound so harsh).

Also; This is a game project, not a Linux (or similar to linux project). It’s not as cut and dry as just determining the best running, most efficient code and implementing it in the next release. When you have a game you have other things that impact it, like personal preferrence and bias to a specific art type, story etc. I don’t see why the community should make a game to match your personal game taste.

Why not just put up all the decisions for a vote? Make a vote system in which all the community “partners” (people working on this game) can cast a vote on any single topic of production (because you are a founder, your vote would count as 2, or something along those lines).

I tryed playing the game. But I wasnt sure on what I was suppose to do. I figured out that the arrow keys moved my player around and the space bar jumped, and the Right Ctrl made somethng explode.

I also realised that by using this weapon my Mod powers dropped, and if I went infront of the flamewar lines, my mod powers went down.

Heres some suggestions on Player abilities & AI characters

Players abilities:
Lock Out, allows the player to quaritine areas, to stop AI from going there. The Mod can still go in and out of “Lock Out” zones.

Extunguisher, allows the player to put out flamewars, or any other bad stuff.

B-Gun, allows the player to shoot at (Ban) unwanted users.

Mod Rep points: Is a point system, to keep the Moderator fair. So he doesnt go around B-Gunning everyone in all the missions. So if the player plays a mission and doesnt shoot innocent users, and doesnt block users from non-flamed areas , and protects innocent users from malicious attacks his Rep points go up, but if he doesnt his Rep points go down and if the reach “0” the game ends.

AI users:

Innocent Users: The user that just walks around and gets in your road innocently.

Flamewar Users: Users invloved in Flamewars, that have to be locked out of the area they are Flaming.

Hackers: Malicious users that continuosly create flame wars, and hurt innocent users. Hackers are difficult to B-Gun as they try to Blend into the crowd. But you cant shoot everyone or you will loose Mod Rep points.

Bosses: Difficult to get rid(Needs more than one shot with B-Gun), that act similar to hackers but kill innocent users causing your Mod Rep Points to go down.

What do you think?

Social: I see what you mean. Perhaps we should just let it flow for a while and see what happens. I’ll demote myself to moderator: even if we don’t have a benevolent dictator, we still need someone to keep the loose ends together.

kit89: I’m not surprised you’re having trouble with it. As I’ve stated, this game is BARELY a working prototype, much less a complete game. I like your ideas though. One thing that bothered me about this game from the beginning is the fact that the forums looked almost deserted. They should appear to have more users active.

ST150: Sounds good, but we don’t need it quite yet.

EVERYONE: At Social’s suggestion, I am demoting myself to “moderator.” My main role now is to make sure the project stays organized.

The file you downloaded, by the way, contains not one but three levels, including the beginnings of the Yellow Cube one.

We need some people to volunteer for specific jobs now. We need some people to optimize the game so that it’s compatible with 2.4x, and some more people to brainstorm game concepts.

i’m glad your working on this again

i’m not much of a blender head, but i would love to contribute with traditional concept design, or any kind of 2d art

Cool, I’ll help anyway I can. To make the forum seem more populated you should put random wandering guys with the avatars of the people who helped on them.

i would like to joinfor the purpose of Modelling and animation

I would like to apply for the funtion of animating everything.


Can someone give me a list of bugs? I’m not sure what stuff is supposed to do what…I’ll test it out more on my gaming computer…the box I’m using now is kinda old.

ill with background controls concepts art, and level design

I’d like help with level modelling.

I can help with modeling concept art and sound effects. :slight_smile:

i can help with anything you want me too

I can make textures and animate. If there are no other modellers, then I will model. I think we should make an epic storyline for rediculous things, like make it a funny game.