Elysiun... what ?

(malefico) #1

This is a fundamentally silly question. What does “Elysiun” mean ? :-? :-? :-?

Since I really don’t know the answer, I thought a couple of possible choices. And practice with polls the same time.



(SkyWriter) #2

ask Green, he answered it a couple of days ago.

(bmax) #3

i think its a gay pub… :wink:


(S_W) #4

Hmmm, beer! I think it’s more the Homer Simpson corner… :wink:

(valarking) #5

i believe it is named after the elysiun fields in greek(?) mythology.

(blengine) #6

nope, according to the votes its a gay pub =) hehe

(pofo) #7

Wonder why it would be named after one

  1. pofo

(Green) #8


the search function has some uses…

(Detritus) #9

I think it´s another word for those very small stones that some how manages to get into the sho and under the sock. :o

(malefico) #10

the search function has some uses…

Yup it has. However everybody agrees about the gay pub :smiley: :smiley:

Thanx for the tip . 8)


(gargola) #11

but,why a gay pub?

(DaniHell) #12

Never mind why!! If the results say that elysiun is a gay pub than shall it be!!

Long live the gay pubs websites!! :stuck_out_tongue:

(gargola) #13

that’s it! i’m out of this topic! :o

(blengine) #14

i agree with danihell, the people have spoken!

::turns gay::

follow me to freedom!

(Schlops) #15

Don’t forget: Gay means happy and pussy is the cat :wink:

(blengine) #16

then, when i got cat in my face, im not even thinking about being happy… :smiley: