(acasto) #1

I finally heard someone use the word “elysiun” that’s not on this forum. On the beginning of the movie ‘Gladiator’ when Russle Crow is talking to the army getting ready for battle, he says that if they "…awaken and find themselves lying in green pastures with the sun shining on them, to not worry, for they are in elysiun and already dead. "

(gargola) #2

did he said something about the grapes?LOL :wink:

(iluvblender) #3

he might have said “elysium” for it means
in Greek mythology, originally the paradise to which heroes on whom the gods conferred immortality were sent.

(acasto) #4

But ‘Elysium’ is made of the elysian fields. Elysium is more used as the refferall to place where elysian is more used as the describer. But in the end… they all sound about the same. :wink: