EM Waves Material - Need some help

This is my first thread here, i’ll try to be clearer as possible ^^.

Ok, so I really like Abstract EM waves, but I have some diffulties with the materials…
I want to create some scenes like this:

That’s it, I hope that you got some tips to make those type of texturing (With cycles, if possible).
Thanks for reading :).

This type of material would probably be a good starting point

You may also want to take a look at this page:

Hi Neymo,

Nice reference!
I made a lunchtime attempt
Using Blender modifiers and procedural textures to do it rapidly
The blend file and render are attached

Each element in the model is created in a slightly different way, though they all have things in common

1/ Particle system {Grid 1 with Light 1} for the translucent circles
The grid one is distorted so the density of the light objects is greater towards the vertical center
Material is an emitter with a variation in colour and intensity

2/ Particle system {Grid 2 with Light 2} for the lighting behind

3/ A ribbon created from an array of strips across the X axis laying in the Z axis
Then distorted Y axis to make it wavy
The material uses a colour ramp to be strongly radiant at the edges but nearly transparent in the middle

4/ Another ribbon as 3 but with different colours

5/ A ribbon created from an array of strips across the X axis laying in the Y axis
Then distorted Y axis to make the width vary
And along the Z access to create a ripple in the lights behind
The material stretches a noise texture in the Y axis and adds transparency when needed to make the edges feather

6/ A circle with a Z axis distortion similar to 5
The material is also like 5 but with the texture coordinates are rotated around the circle centre to get a radial pattern

Hope this is useful



SupportEMWave.blend (747 KB)