eMac question

I saw this nice looking eMac on ebay, and it’s the original release 700mhz, and it says the graphics card is a nVidia GeForce 2 AGP 2x graphics (sarcasm yippee /sarcasm) well I was wondering, even though the card is AGP 2x, does the motherboard have support for 4x?

And if it didn’t would it still be ok to blend on?

ya ya laugh it up thats the card I have cept its 64mb memory.
and it works fine for me in blending atleast below 200,000 verts.
cept for one thing im on a desktop.

ah yeh righto, this one is 32, so you’d um expect it to die at around 100,000?.. Damn that’s going to be a pain

edit: ah… I think layers would help a lot though

One thing to watch when buying heavy machines off ebay are delivery cost and insurance.

If the emac is between £200-300, I’d buy a Mac Mini instead - they are about that price on ebay and in fact just £330 from Apple with 512MB Ram. It has a 4x 32MB card too. I found a 700MHz emac on ebay for $395 (£228) with just 128MB Ram and a CD Rom. That’s really not a good deal considering postage is $45.

The card memory doesn’t really have anything to do with the number of verts - that depends on your card model. The VRam is used for storing textures. I can’t remember but I think some drawing options like vertex arrays cache the verts in VRam. That really only speeds up games though because the models don’t change. For Blender, it makes little difference. There is actually a vertex array option in Blender but it doesn’t affect performance much at all.

My Mini with Radeon 9200 can handle models with about 100,000 verts each but it can support scenes with a few of these objects, so overall, I can get it up to over 1 million verts in a scene - though it’s sluggish. If you use subdivs, then you can obviously get much more and the limitation there is your RAM. 1 GB Ram is limited to about 2 million verts anyway.