email clients

Which email clients do you guys use. Please no flame wars.
Currently I use Thunderbird, but I’m not exactly in love with it. It does not seem to be very well worked out. Somehow it never manages to just automatically check for new messages, even when configured to do so. And the lack of a decent progress bar is irritating.
I’ve used Outlook Express for a few years before that, but my main problem with it is the very limited ability for a good signature.
I’m not interested in web-based clients like Gmail, Hotmail. I know there are several other email apps available, but I’d like to hear from other users which clients they use and what there experience is.

Thunderbird, currently, does everything i really need.

But i bought Microsoft office, and it comes with outlook. outlook (not express) is a really powerfull mail and organisation client. i have just never got around to setting it up.


I’ve been using pegasus for years… and I don’t think I’ll be switching.

Mail (comes with OSX) and Microsoft entourage (newsgroups and hotmail).
They just work, although I must admit the spellchecker in both packages isn’t ideal (especially when using several languages in one mail).

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I have thunderbird, but I don’t really use it. I’m all about the gMail right now. Lots of fun.

Evolution, for linux, gnome desktop.

It’s just awsome.

gmail here too. good toolkit. 2.7gig storage, but who is going to store 120,000 emails anyway? spam filter is very good at sorting real sites from rubbish.

Kontact (kmail) for kde, and squirrelmail on my apache server for ‘away missions’.

I’m using The Bat, it is pretty good for my needs

Actually, I had an interesting idea. Why not make an account, and sign it up for spam? There’s tons of ways to do it. Then just move everything out of the spam folder every so often. It’d give the guys at google a laugh to see that someone’s actually using all that space… of course, i’m too lazy to actually do it.

Yeah, but imagine how much time would it take to collect the amount of spam to acctually use at least a part of space given by gmail… I tried that once when I had email with 10Mb space just to see what happens and it took me months…

Thunderbird here. If only it had a time manager…
Will probably be included soon.

I dunno, man, I’m currently using 16 MBs of space on my regular account. Even with deleting all the stuff in the spam folder… It might be possible…

I dunno, I have some addresses on my domain I had to turn of as they were collecting over 200 spams a days, and I wasn’t even trying. Someone do it, and post the email address here, then we can see how quickly we can get the inbox full.