Email (from) alias...

I have some webspace and have set-up an email alias which goes to my hotmail account. Does anyone know of any webmail services where you can change the email ‘from’ address so that I can appear to send messages from my own domain?
I hope I have explained that right?!?!

I assume you’re using an webmail becase you do not want that :slight_smile:
Oh well, I guess most online email offers some settings…

You can do that with a Gmail account. You just need to prove that you actually receive mail at the address you wish to specify as your sending mail address (they send a confirmation to the address that you must respond to). Once the address has been confirmed, it appears in a drop down list for the ‘from’ field. You can then switch it on new mail. IIRC, it is smart about it for replies and picks the right one when replying (but I can’t remember at the moment.)

Do it with old fashion Telnet mail haxx0ring.

Ok, thanks! I can’t sign-up for a Gmail account unless someone invites me… wink, wink!
I have no idea what an old fashion Telnet mail haxx0ring is?!?!

I can’t help you with Telnet, but if you pm me you email address, I will gladly send you an invite.

To get gmail invites:

Worked for me.

Thanks for the offer to invite me Trev… most generous of you! But to save us both time I’ve used the on-line invite tool… and it’s worked (so respect to tolobán)… and I’ve set it up… and it was a lot easier than doing that complicated TelNet business! Yeehaa!

Once again, the forum comes up trumps!