Email trailers

This is not a poll, but I do have to ask, have you ever gotten this message at the tail of your emails?

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, you may not review, copy or distribute this message. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original message. Neither the sender nor the company for which he or she works accepts any liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this email.

Would not this seem a bit more appropriate?

NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment of the current President.

Please note that there is no country indicated, so I don’t see how this could be political as far as that goes.


No and no.
Have a nice day and watch for dragons!

Would not this seem a bit more appropriate?

No… no it wouldn’t… But don’t worry, this ‘country’ you refer to is now being torn apart by a bigger executive threat.

EDIT: BAH! niftdalean beat me to it!

Yes i have, and its pretty meaningless crud.

We just write something short like, this email may contain confidential information subject to our email policy (link)

Those email trailers are getting longer and longer, and more and more stupid as time goes on.

Yours sounds also much better, but perhaps only on personal emails.