Female At The Hotel

Hi guys!
This is the scene with a female which I am making now.
I’m gonna upload my stuff sometimes meanwhile, so I’d be very happy if you would give me some feedback.

Very good, I like it! The only minor criticism would be that her arm could be a little more defined.

Great work, but I think the pose is a little odd…but still, great character. =)

I dig the design on that coffee table

Unfortunately it falls into “uncanny valley” - it’s very close to photoreal, but not quite much. Work a little bit more on skin shader, cause it tends to look a little bit like rubber. Rest is very good - don’t change it.

Good job on this. I’d like to see some closeups and wire renders.

Hi, OnyxIdo! It sure seems the arms flat. I’ll work on the balance and the details. Thanks!!

Hi, Owldude! I think that the pose is a little bit odd. But I can’t come up with a good pose:yes: I’ll work on it a bit more.

Hi, SterlingRoth! Thanks for saying that. I saw an antique table, and arranged it into the modern one.

Hi, veti! Thanks for your kind feedback.
it’s so hard for me to work on skin shader. I’ve been learning lots of techniques from this site and trying them, but it seems that my skin shader is bad.
But, I’ll try my best in order to go across the uncanny valley. Parhaps, I fall into the vally:yes:

I’ve just watched your movie. That’s classic!!
I admire you cause you can create such animation.

Hi safatyman! Thanks for saying that. I’m gonna upload th wireframe and the screen shots of my current work. So, I’d be happy if you’d check them.
But, the closeups are rubbish, though. HEHEHE

Amber, maybe think about posting a screenshot of the node set up your currently using on the skin. I’m pretty confident you would get some good suggestions from people here. Thanks for your kind words on the movie, glad you enjoyed it.

Very simplistic and elegant… great job!

I don’t like the carpet texture tough. Very low resolution and the tiles are very noticeable. Maybe changing the texture, add some bump mapping and maybe playing with some fur particles could improve your render.

The arms do look odd, but I only noticed it looking at the full size image.

Hello there.
My share of critique: the head feels too small compared to the rest of the body, the knee/thigh area needs more definition, but that might be caused by the shader. May we see a wire shot? Also, the pose does not feel natural. The character feels about to loose her balance and fall backwards.
Anyway, the whole scene shows a lot of work invested it and a lot of skill. Some more work and it’s going to be perfect.
Keep it up!

Hi, Steno! Thanks for your comment. I’ll think about the proportion and pose base on your advice.
Regarding the shortage of the details of legs, I’ve not enough to map and model, not because of shader.:yes:
I’ll do my best based on your opinions.
Thanks for your encouragement.

Hi, Tiago! Thanks for your advice.As you said, the carpet is tiled low resolution.
I’ll work harder considering your comment.
Thanks again for your good advice.

Hi, Tiago!
Thanks for your advice.As you said, the carpet is tiled low resolution.
I’ll work harder considering your comment.
Thanks again for your good advice.

Really nice. Great color composition. I know you probably checked this out, but it’s a really good tut http://cgcookie.com/blender/cgc-courses/skin-shading-cycles/ there’s also a free one there. Keep on Blendering (?) I think I work extremely slow how long did this take you?

Hi, Noob13!
Thanks for your comments.
As I haven’t check out the tutorial yet, I’ll have a look at it.
It took a few months for me to create this work, so my production speed is very slow.:spin:
Thank you for letting me know.:eyebrowlift: