UPDATE: Version 2 Posted!!!

Hey blendheads.

In honor of Halloween I made this piece. Creative criticism is welcome. It’s my first real attempt at a finished project. I’ve been trying to learn blender for a little over six months now and this is my culmination. This is just a first draft, and I already have a few changes in mind, but I’d like to get some feedback. Created with Blender and Gimp (for touchups).


Anthony Stellato


Looks well made. There are some issues however:

  • its very dark, so a bit difficult to make out what’s what.
  • lack of focus. Or rather, you have three focuses, the skull, the teddy and the text. All kinda lead away from the image, not into it. This confuses me at least.
    -The skeleton head looks plastered onto the body, as the styles are so different. Makes me doubt you modeled the body yourself?

I love the teddy and the concept btw. Happy halloween :slight_smile:

Been playing around a bit with postpro lately, and took myself the freedom to play around with your pic. Here’s what it turned out into


Thanks for the comments.

I completely agree with your comments on the focus. The text was something I added last minute. I was trying to only have two focuses, the skull as primary and the bear as secondary.

The skeleton body is from a human skeleton that I modeled previously. It was one of the first projects I ever worked on. It came out okay, but there are a few non-manifold verts, which I didn’t understand when I modeled it. I just used some of the pieces that came out alright from that (spine, hips, shoulders) and modeled the rest anew. I struck a compromise after looking at real bear skulls, as they have huge holes in the sides of their skull. I decided to make it look “real-ish,” as it’s a hybrid bear/human like a teddy bear. It’s really that distracting? I then fit the skeleton inside the bear and changed the proportions accordingly.

I wanted to keep the scene fairly dark, as it fits the subject matter. I do see what you’re saying in terms of contrast. The post pro shot definitely leads me in a better direction. Thanks for the criticism!

I really like the concept behind this. It reminds me of that Calvin and Hobbes cartoon where Calvin jumps out of his skin as a skeleton, except with a much more sinister twist to it. My main advice would be to give the bear a more dynamic pose. There’s no twist in his hips or shoulders, his spine seems to be perfectly straight along the Y-axis, etc. Perhaps it could stand to be a little less pencil-straight.

I think the skull looks like it doesnt belong on that because:
-It’s Huge and Heavy compared to the tiny and weak bones of that body.
-It doesn’t resemble any realistic skull. It even has “ears” modeled. The body however is very more realistic and resembles a human body.

I’d suggest making the body-bones (except for hip) quite a lot thicker, and at least simplify the rib cage/spine, maybe feet/hands as well. I think deforming the hip bone would aso do a great deal to empazise that it isnt a human skeleton.

I just posted the next version. Please see the first post.
I think this gives more justice to my original intention.
Thanks again for the criticism!

Any other critics wish to take a shot? :confused: