I have asked this before, but new blenders have comeout since then.

Is there a way to embed 2.62 .exe blender games into websites?

with burster I guess, take a look at www.geta3d.com

I think you said that last time I asked. If it takes burster, it isn’t worth embedding.


and why is that ?

I also would like to know. For 3D games, I think that you’re going to have to use a plugin.

If a user has to download burster it just seems like too much work when embedding is meant to be an easier and quicker to play.

really? you use unity or flash because on all those cases you need to download and install the plugin, i think you kind of missed up some things

Hmm. . . How would a user know to download burster?

you can tell him, I selled projects and sent them the file, then, they put the link right on the side of the game, so the user downloaded and used it

Last question;
How would you embed the game using HTML or whatever the website uses?

yes, the plugin shoudl be embed with in HTML or in php I dont remember exactly but they have a tutorial about how you make it on their site.

Thanks guys!