embeding videos in threads

How do i embed a youtube video in a thread? This info should be stickied on the animations section.

Just above the box you type in, there is a series of icons. Second to the last from left to right is a little film strip. Click it.

This has nothing to do with animations, so you won’t find a sticky there.

Ok, thanks. I thought a guide to posting videos should be in the animation section. where would i find this guide?

What do you want to know? I’m not sure there is a guide to posting videos…Do you mean that you want to know how to create videos? What software to use etc? There’s not much to say about actually posting them. The little film strip is pretty much it. As long as it can be published on Youtube, Vimeo etc, you can post it here.

Edit: By the way. on your gallery site, the title is “Image Hosing”. You mean “Image Hosting”.

Just copy the embedded code of the chosen videos and paste it in the thread you wanted to post the video.

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