Ember Wip


Here is a video of Ember, it has GLSL and you play as a soft body sphere.

Very nice! I especially like the dynamic light coming off of the lava ball. It’s kind of fascinating to watch…

a little offtopic, but how does that dynamic light work?

Dude! I saw this video a short while back, and was trying to figure out where I could get this game!!!

It actually inspired me to start my own softbody game.:slight_smile:

so thats were you got the idea, huh?
anyway, i really love the way you use normalmaps.

You can get the latest build at my drop box here https://dl.getdropbox.com/u/489301/EMBER.blend Just know that the 2 biggest things I need to do is name everything and rig the camera.


Ahh… I wondered when I could see this game on BA.

It’s a really great game!

I saw that on Youtube a while ago also. I think the gameplay would be more interesting if the ball of lava gets larger whenever you eat a rock. Kind of a katamari clone I suppose?


Looks like it’s a resident of Earth after a nuclear war sets off all the volcanos and geothermal energy makes Earth extremely hot.

Nice work on the Lava, it’s almost like you can feel the heat from the video.

I downloaded the .blend from the link above and gave it a try. It’s pretty challenging with that time meter. What exactly makes that bar decrease? It seemed to decrease more when I was touching the stones than when I was not.

A couple of things: The camera was rather jittery for me. Not sure why that was, as it looked smooth in your video.

Also, your cameras are not set up correctly if you’d ever like to make a standalone version of the game. Select a camera, go to the Edit buttons ( F9 ) and click “Passepartout” and it will indicate the “off-screen” area by darkening it. Whatever is in the dark area will not be visible in a standalone game.

Overall your game is looking very good. I hope you finish it. You could probably enter it in the contest and do rather well.

:frowning: It runs at .25 frames per second an my comp.
(that’s 4 seconds per frame!)

Holy cow that sucks, I thought my pc was bad.

That’s really cool! :smiley:

Actually, I have a decent computer. It started at 16 fps, then dropped slowly until I finally just quit.:frowning:

Link broken, could you reupload it?

graphic are fantastic !

I found this game on my hard drive, but I’m not sure if it’s the latest version. (or even i I edited it or not. o.o)
Mirror: EMBER.blend