EmberGen 0.7.5 Released!


I just wanted to reach out to the blender community to let you know we just released our largest update ever for EmberGen. We have a lot of blender users using EmberGen, so I figured this post was worthy of your time.

Our trailer speaks for itself and the entire intro sequence was actually created with Blender + EmberGen.

Here’s a condensed version of whats new:

  • A completely redesigned UI
  • A brand new renderer
  • Animated FBX and Alembic support
  • Animated camera support via FBX
  • Backplate support
  • Colored backgrounds for flipbook and image sequence exports
  • Curve editor for the timeline
  • The ability to modify data via modulations in the volume node
  • Search bars throughout the UI
  • New user preferences for camera control + pen and tablet support
  • And far more than I can list here!

You can learn more about EmberGen and get it here: https://jangafx.com/software/embergen/