here are som emblems i am working on for myself
which one do you lik best

i came up with this cuz i’m a martial artist and thats likea chop :slight_smile:

ya i used photo shop for this, i may do them in blender later

moved to more appropiate place…

the red ones composition is the most interesting.

it is obscured because of the dark area, however the fingers, and palm mean that it is still instantly recognisable as a hand. this is becaus eht important elements which make up a hand exist, but the joining lines are not important.

the blue is the opposite, you need to work out its a hand using your brain.

the third is just weird LOL.

i say use the first and develop that one out a bit more. make it a bit less literal. maybe drop it to an indexed colour image with 4-16 colours (all shades of red, and black i guess)


just try a red spiral in the hand to see ?
no ?

what do u think of my idea ?

hm, this looks somehow esoteric to me… and too much “i-just-played-around-in-PS”. sorry, i don’t mean to offend you, i simply don’t like any of them.