Embodiment of Stupidity

I know it’s kind of a weird title, but I’m working on a character that represents stupidity. It’s certainly not finished, and he needs a smooth-talking friend to complete the buddy-picture image I’m going for, but I think it’s a good start. I used low-quality AO because I like the photographic grain effect it gives to shadowed areas. I plan on improving the muscle flow in his arms (I don’t know about his legs) and maybe fixing up the hands and wrists, but anything you have to say can help! He is supposed to look stupid beyond all description, so any description of how to make him look more stupid would be helpful also :slight_smile: . No, I will not give him an umbrella hat.


I’d improve the muscle structure a bit - his arms look more like flabby than stupid.

Also, perhaps make him more asymmetric. Perhaps have one shoulder come out halfway down the body and the other bend backwards (so the elbow is on the front of the arm).

Oh, and a drop of drool from the corner of the mouth. Nothing says clueless (in cartoons at least) like someone drooling for no reason.

Thanks. I will definitely change the muscle definition in his arms, and the drooling thing would probably work in an animation (which I intend to make, eventually). I don’t know about the asymmetry in his arms, though. I want him to look strong and brutish, but not disfigured. Making one arm bigger also makes me start to think he looks like mamuta from Pikmin for some reason. Maybe I could give him some kind of giant, stone or robot hand like some of the characters in Hellboy.

Did some more work a while ago and forgot to post it. I did a rough rig and posed him. No animation yet. I improved the muscle structure just a little bit, but didn’t do much because I was afraid to ruin the subsurf, and now I can’t go back.

Uploaded in 1280x1024, because I used it as my desktop too :slight_smile:


For that last picture, add a pole right in front of his face. Now that would qualify as stupid!