Here is a futuristic view of an embryo. Got comments?


In the future embryos will be encased in giant glass oktopodes… For obvious reasons.

Seems a shame to go through all that work and then not have a background. Some of the tubes also have jagged edges, but that might be intentional. Otherwise, I like it.

Makes me wonder if they have sex in the future… How did they get it there? Is it just a friendly way so the woman doesn’t have to deal with being pregnant?

I really like your use of color, it is absolutely fantastic.

I’m also a bit reserved about the shape of the casing. I looks like it should be a smooth, slimy, goo-covered thing, but the sharp edges betray the organic feel to something more like crystalline. ? Perhaps if you were to set it to subsurf 1 or 2…

A also agree that some sort of background is warranted. Even if it is unfocused stuff off in the distance (computers or lab equipment or whatever…)

Good job!

When I first saw this, I thought it looked cool. And it still does, even though I’ve only seen it for about 5 seconds. It’s sad how if your one of those kids who are born in a glass container. It would make me feel like a science experiment.