Emergency! Need buying advice for cuda fast!

I make 5 new systems for Blender, i can choose between:

2x Titan Black with 6 GB VRAM
3x 780 (non Ti) with also 6 GB VRAM

what should i get guys ?
Could a dev maybe also shine for me a light upon it ? (PCIe performance/textures vs fewer/more cards and cycles)

Cycles doesn’t need FP64, but what is faster ? 2 Titan 780 or 3 780 6GB

The 780 has only 2300 Shaders but 3 cards
The Titan has 2800 Shader, also RAM is 1 GHz higher clocked, but then again only 2 cards.


Please do NOT use Game Benchmarks, i need the Cycles performance which often differs!

Many thanks ahead for your help.

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OK, i got my answer, the 3x 780 smoke the the 2x Titan black in Cycles, cause the additional ca. 500 Shader cores are beaten by the additional MHz in speed. So you easily could say that 2 780 are 20% slower than 2 Titan, add another 780 card and you are 50% faster. At 1000 Bucks less! :wink:
Ok, saw it tested and can confirm.
Gone are the days of the 6GB VRAM Titan exclusivity for large scenes.

However you can still write some advice here.