Emergency: Need Uv Experts

I finished a modeling a polikarpov 1-16 type 5 aircraft
now i dont know how to uv it (seams)
i tried all sorts of seams but i am not getting it at all
someone please seam it for me and tell me hoe to do it- ill figure out all the rest:D

the finished model with an ‘attempt’ to uv can be downloaded from here:


Take a look at this . . . should get you started.

That blend is a very good example.
When you unwrap, you want it to
look like drawings.
You know like the drawings used to model
an airplane. You get the point.

Render Bake

thanks alot… it turns out that i fiddles with it an my new seams is like the way you did it

1 more question:
how can i make the lines straight?
when i make them on the mesh, the loops are straight but when i unwrap them they’re wonky.
i want to make them straight so i can make a good bump map

In the uv editor window select UVS - Weld/Align - Align X or Align Y
Hot Keys W+2 = X and W+3 =Y

cant i unwrap it all aligned?

Select faces that are parallel to the view and use unwrap from view. Temporarily move those faces off to the side in the UV Image Editor. Change the view. Repeat until you’ve unwrapped from all six directions (or four directions, if that gets all the faces.) You should have a set of UV maps that match the model. Now scale them and move them all so that they all fit on the uv image grid.

thanks, although i spent ages welding them
now i want to know how to paint them i gimp
i tried earlier but i don’t know how to make the bump map…