Emergency with Sound Input

Hey everyone,

I’m working on an animated series, and we’ve just started the voice recording for the first episode. The problem is Blender is having a problem with crashing when I add sound. First of all, here is the process that I go through to add sound:

  1. Change one window to “Video Sequencing Editor”
  2. Click “Add->Audio”
  3. Then I find the .wav file I want to add

Here’s what I’ve managed to find out. When I record just with my POS computer mic straight into the sound recorder in windows I can use the output in Blender (after making sure it’s saved as a 16bit file) The problem is that we record the voices through Sonar 4.0, and when I export the tracks as either riff .wav files or broadcast .wav files it won’t import into blender. First I got a small window saying that they weren’t supported file types. After restarting blender and trying again it just started crashing. I exported the files from Sonar at a sample rate of 44100 and at a bit depth of 16. I tried both Stereo and Mono and neither worked.

I appreciate any ideas you guys can throw my way. Thanks guys.


Well I don’t know Sonar very well but I think I remember blender internal only really works with mono… and that means single channel mono… It could well be that sonar simply saves mono as 2x the same channel in stead of just one channel.

look into that… perhaps you can save to split stereo to get 2 distinct files.

If Sonar fails, use this audio software:



44.1kHz or 48kHz (16-bit stereo) mixing

Good luck! :wink:

Awesome, thank you so much guys. I’ll try this out and let you know how it works.