Emerging Technologies

I was thinking of making a chart of technologies that came and changed the computer graphics !
like new technologies that outcasted the old technologies…like raytracing or radiosity is better than photon mapping or scan line rendering…anyone who wants to enlighten us…can comment ! :D:RocknRoll::D:ba:

Great idea!
links to wikipedia etc, peoples comments on possible futures, peoples current work,

Existing_____In Development____Proposed
Current_____Prototype_________Speculative Project site

2d Processor___3d processor______Quantum

SIGGRAPH is the best way to learn how technologies came in which year…the emerging technologies that are to come or some of them which exists etc etc.

One of the most important years for CG was 2001.
If you don’t know why, please go find out :slight_smile:

Actually, 1985 was pretty important, too. Release of the Amiga which became the first personal computer for general-purpose CG. I did my first 3D animation on an Amiga 2000 and it got an honourable mention at the 1989 International Computer Animation Festival in Montreal… Okay, you’ve never heard of it, but in its day, that festival was the biggest of big deals in the CG world.

I hope 2013 is a big year :slight_smile: