Emilia the Turtle in Action

Hy out there,

here my newest Turtle Animation with the request for comments. I know that I still have a big problem with physics an the whole “natural armature animation” thing. On my website you can also see the turtle animation 2007, and I think I’m getting better…

Here’s the link: http://www.freyermuth.de/html/videostream_rado_2008.html

Anybody an Idea for the story of 2009?

nice :slight_smile:

it could’ve needed a little bit speedup on most of the camera sweeps and zooms… also in turle actions. now it just moves in constant speed… so… snappier, more effective.


Very awesome. The bit I liked the most was the displacement map on the turtle. I looked CG-ish when the camera got too close but for the most part it was very real looking. I also liked the lighting and texturing in the rest of the scene. What could be improved is the actual character animation. The turtle didn’t move with a natural sense of momentum, and at parts it seemed like gravity turned off. Aside from that I liked it.

That’s sweet! The sound is pretty much synched up perfectly, and the lighting is very impressive.

Ya, the scenery is very good, as are the textures, lights, yagga yadda yabba. The animation was slow, especially during the falling parts, but still good stuff :smiley:

Thanks for the compliments, the film was a kind of masterpiece for my lightning and material skills. For this topics it seems that i found the right turn… now i will improve my animation skills, i ordered several books an learning dvds, hoping to get the errors in my “animation workflow” out…

My main problem is the lack of a “realtime preview”. Normally i spend a lot of time in modelling and texturing, an the at the end there isn’t enough time to spend on animation. And all the quick’n’dirty renderings to see the realtime animation flow cost much time… (sorry for my english grammar, it’s a bit late today)

I bought a Disney Animation Book (the animators survival kit) and it’s impressive how much detail they “plan” before they animate it. I think I have to do it the same way… gimme some time…:eyebrowlift:

very nice job:

  1. think that the turtle walks like a horse, maybe the turtle’s shell should be more down.
  2. the part of the elastic and ramp the turtle will slip and not walk (my opinion).

nice to put some blender screens on the anim :wink:

Well, you can push alt + a to see your animation play without render. It seems to go slow sometimes though, so i can feel your pain…