Emily, how to make more realistic for head?

I use Emily as base to study for shading and SSS random walk. Is it realistic or not ? Any advice to make more realistic ? I would like to approach like Blade runner 2049 to Rachel head in CGI, How to achieve that by your help for making shading to extreme finest that look like photo ? Any 3D Artist pro can help me, please ?

Any help here I would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Can you show us the face texture nodes…Something is a bit off and maybe with the SSS settings…also the Bump/normal is a bit strong, did you also use the Micro displacement maps?

Here are my nodes :

Your picture is nice but I want more realistic, you know how to make it ?

Ah, you don’t think I have a more realistic? What more do you think I would need to qualify?

First off I tend to never use cycles but EeVee…but the nodes should work with it just fine with a bit of tweaking. Which takes quite a bit of work to get a good looking image. It also takes a few more nodes in your shaders that Cycles doesn’t need, especially transparency added with glossy, like the eyes, for example.

In my first image, I had the displacement/bump disconnected and forgot about it, so corrected and fixed a few more things…eyes are still not as good as I would like as I still haven’t gotten the pupil to not reflect, from the sclera map on the inside…Here are my current nodes just for the face texture…

You are on the right track and a lot will depend on the lighting, I use an HDRI as well as a point light for the R highlights and also a light blue backlight on the left.
I think your lighting is blowing out the texture, reduce the brightness and add a fill ( point) to the Right side to remove the harsh shadows, but not too bright that it burns out the textures and fills in the shadows.

Thanks for your tip from nodes but I am not sure if it looks like more realistic this shading ? Your second picture approach a little more realistic as well.

See this link what i do mean ? : Blader Runner 2049

Right character, Rachel have a skin more warm and sweet, so she looks like very realistic. So my question is how to make this approximate shading like her ?

Is it about to hdri or lighting or texture/shading to achieve the same look?

That is all Lighting…well most of it anyway…
Dropped my point lights and added a fireplace scene with lots of yellows and not any high light points…

and a yellowish night scene…

and a strong yellowish pillar scene with strong outside light…

Your displacement texture shouldn’t be plugged into the normal output. You should instead plug it into a displacement node, and then plug that into the displacement input on the material output node.

Then, in the material settings for that shader, scroll down until you find displacement settings, and set the ‘Bump Only’ to ‘Bump and Displacement’. Displacement actually displaces the mesh, and so generally achieves the better results.

Your main light source is a little hard and bright too. Perhaps soften it a little.

Honestly it looks pretty good, but it’s designed to. If you wanted the uber realism you describe, you’d have to do more than use the provided assets which come with Emily. You’d need to have the multiple skin maps, with different skin layers, and all that jazz. That’s what they would do in big budget CGI.