Emisis mp3 'Split'

Heya guys, just a boring night so I thought I wouls share this mp3 my band has out right now…if you havn’t got it from my sig. :slight_smile: Sorry if this is -too- off topic but it is an off topic forum so here ya go!

www.emisis.net/Split.mp3 is our latest recording (done at Black Dog Studios)

We’re working on a lot more right now and are heading into the studio again shortly… Let me know what you all think!


Not bad. Interesting sound and decent quality recording…

nice site too

Thanks. :slight_smile: We’re working on a few songs right now to go back into the studio with for a nice 4 song demo right now.

that is good. are you going to release the demo on the internet?

Yeah, we’re planning on putting the songs up on emisis.net as we record them. Right now we’re just waiting for our singer to finish up some lyrics and what not before we go record but hopefully we’ll have more up there soon. :slight_smile: