Emission light effect on different objects

I have 2 light related questions so I’ll put them both here…

I’ve got a scene where I’m using a light that I want to reflect on one object (just to highlight the object a little, it’s a dark scene) but not on another object next to it, is it possible to “turn off” one of the objects, so to speak?

Also, I have a lamp with a glass lampshade and a “real” bulb inside (has a emission filament), however the light coming out the end of the shade onto the table (without passing through the glass lampshade) is too bright, but if I turn it down, then the bulb visible through the glass lampshade doesn’t look so good. Any ideas for a work around for this?

Thanks for any help.

First problem solution… move to light and the object to a different layer, and set up some render nodes…

Combine the layers using Z combine.

It may be a little more complex than that… you may have to set up Exclude layers, excluding the light from the first Renderlayer. This ids in the renderlayer options.

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Second question can probably be solved using the Lightpaths node in the materials… If you could see the filament directly I would say to create two materials separated by a mix node… mix controlled by a “Use Camera Ray”… if it’s a camera ray (IE viewed directly by the camera), you get material 1, otherwise material 2. As you never see the filament directly, only through the glass of the bulb, this is a little more complex… do some experimenting with the Lightpaths node… you may find a solution.

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Thanks for your reply, but clearly I have a lot to learn about nodes because that makes almost no sense to me :smiley:

The first one I’m completely lost on, I’ve only really being making basic textures until this point I’m more into modelling generally, though obviously I’m keen to learn advanced node work as well.

With the filament, currently I have this…

I played with the Light Path node a bit on another little project, but I’m not really sure where to add this.

I should have made myself myself more clear… the first answer involves compositing nodes not material nodes. Look up some tutorials on using more that one render layer.