Emission node makes the whole scene bright white

To start with, Im a complete beginner to Blender. Have spent the last week going through tutorials on youtube. Right now Im working on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0DMMwwdBaY&t=2571s&pbjreload=101

Around 40 minutes into the clip he adds a emission node in the shader view to add atmosphere to the scene. But when I do that it looks like a nuclear explosion and everything turns bright white. I tried lowering the strength but that doesnt help until I put it to 0.000000. If I put it to 0.0000000001 everyting turns white again.

Can anyone point me to what Im doing wrong?

Sorry if Im missing vital details.

I think you are using Cycles instead of EEVEE.

That is absolutely correct. So I cannot use cycles when render the emission?

Emission works different in Cycles. It actually gives off light. To do volumetrics in cycles, you set up like a “volume box” (I forgot its name) or something different.

Look up Mist Pass maybe.

Thanks a lot for that, that solved my problem and was exactly what I was after!