Emission partices on path problems - smoke trails

As you see on image most particles stays on trail correct but many particles pops up all over the place. And I cannot find out what the problem is. There is one emitter (icosphere) on each wing tip witch is parented to the airplane. The airplane is constrained with a follow path to a bezier line. Should be a simple animation but errors has occured. I have tried to change Seed, emitter geometry, subframes, timestep, evaluation time, gravity, randomness and lots of other. Nothing removes it completely.

Is it possible to control emission of particles in between frames. Take a look at my image and you see the problem. Each “dot” of particles represent the position of emitter on that frame. I have set subframe to 16 and timestep to 0.0001 with no effect. I also have tried up to 100000 particles with no visible effect exept a lot more particles on each “dot”.
Please advice what to do. I need small smoke stripes from each wing tip to simulate condensation of water in air.

Subframes adds more smoke between frames, the higher the subframe the more you get.

Supply demo blend file for review

I think you just need to play with the particle count and the start/end frame of the particle emission…
Blender creates particles at subframes by default, if the amount of particle for each frame is bigger than 1.
if you need 100 particles between frames, then the total amount of particles must be 100*(end-start)

Subframe and timestep are just for physics simulations.

In this image the animation is 100 frames and particle number is set to 100000. Thats why I dont understand whats causing this. This image dont use smoke but a Plane as object with a gradient texture as material. Im using Cycles render. Here is texture image (white gradient ring on alpha):

At the moment im in a extremly bad internet connection an cannot upload a 64Mb blend file. Hope you can advice anyway?

Delete all your irrelevant objects from your scene, leaving only the particle emitters… Save it to another file and share it (pasteall.org, dropbox, gdrive, etc)

or post a screenshot of your particle settings…

Here is correct link. :https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ool6qna32krrlq/Tie-Fighter-In-Fight-Anim%20Stripped.blend?dl=0

can you change the file permissions to public?

Here is public:

The problem is not with the particles! they are being created at subframes… The problem lies on the FollowPath constrain, as it looks like it doesn’t set a motion to the object but places the object each frame in a certain position. (thought motion blur is working ok :/)

The way to fix this, is to bake the FollowPath animation.

In the 3dView menu > object > animation > bake action ; check ‘visual keying’ and ‘delete constrains’ and bake data to object.

Your suggestion did the trick. Thanks alot. Here is a progress image of result so far.

try to delete the cache and bake all dynamics together.

Check the geometry of your emitters, and the particle settings; check if the airplane has also a particle system, or any other object that is parented to the airplane…

in the other thread, there was a strange floating poly in the fighter geometry… maybe that’s happening here also.

As usual, posting a blend file results in a better answer… :wink: