Emission Pass Opaque?

Got a little question, hoping someone can enlighten me. I am trying to add a glare effect to falling sparks, but the emission render pass is opaque wherever the sparks are not. If I put the “Image” pass through the Glare node, the background is transparent but there is no (visible) glare effect.

When putting the “Emit” pass through the Glare node, the glare effect works, but the background is opaque.

Any ideas on how to get the glare effect while keeping the background transparent?

Thanks in advance.

Emit into glare… glare into set alpha - going into both the image and alpha slots.

Alpha over with set alpha going over render layers.

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Wow, thanks. :slight_smile: Didn’t know about that node, but it’s definitely handy. The Blender Manual page suggests a Chroma Key node is better, but I couldn’t get that one to work right.