Emission Power (how to strengthen?)

After 200-300 no matter how much I set, light intensity does not increase. I could use an material index to apply filters in the composer, but in 2.8 this feature is missing. Yes, there is cryptomate, but the light source is behind glass, so I can’t pick it.

I’m on the beta, not RC1 yet. But both Object and Material ID is working fine here. Not sure if they would pop through glass though.

You’re not clamping anything? What’s the glass setup? Relying on refraction caustics for light transport may not go anywhere fast (takes forever). If you haven’t already, shader mix whatever glass you have with a transparency shader, using light path/isShadowRay as a mix factor.

Otherwise, strip down the scene to the bare minimum and share it.

You were right, I was clamping. But still, in order to make it beautiful, I have to apply filters. I don’t know how to do this without an index material.