Emissive maps in blender - tutorial

Working for a small project, I tried archieve the efect of emissive maps in the game engine and I liked how it looks, and write a small tutorial, with the respective blend files.

This pics show how it looks

And this video:

and the blend file, in latest versions of blender, select the object and modify the emit value of the material to 0.05, not too much, so the emit map keep visible in dark areas, in 2.49b just open it and press P, it works well (im still working in 2.49b)

And the tutorial here on my blog, hope you find this usable… thanks!

that is really cool! Been wandering about this for a while.

Cool. Love it.
Thanx for sharing.

does this eat up cpu power or anything like that?
otherwise thanks!

thanks guys, glad you like it :slight_smile:

@mrn: I don think, it is only a map with black bakground and some colors, but if you decide to sacrifice some frames per second, I will look better with a 2DFilter like bloom/glow

i just ment if you wure to add this into a game.

Sure, I’m in the training of some friends and decided to make a small level that I did some time ago, functional but with proxy models, and we are working on the props, terrain, etc. nothing too complicated nor too realistic , just to let them learn the technique and how to work with an agile project management development,

We hope to finish this, but It will take some time because actually we do this in our spare time and the main purpose is to learn :slight_smile: Here is an entry in my blog about the first props.

I’d personally currently want to deliver a number of recommendations, using encounter, and deliver a number of links for you to spots I’ve noted of great importance if you ask me.