Emit objects that are emitters too

Hello Guys,

actually i try to emit a objects that shall also emit other particles. I have an object that emits particles with the result, that it look like a nice light streak. You can see the tutorial here:


But if i try to emit a huge amount of these (light streak) objects, they dont emit particles, with the result that there is no light streak. Only the Object is emitted. :confused:

Is it a mistake of mine or is it a limitation of Blender? I use 2.57.
I’ve uploaded the blend, for anyone.

Hope you guys can help me.

Thanks in evidence! :slight_smile:


particle.blend (924 KB)

Hello Legenbear! What you want to do is not working yet, but should work in future releases of Blender…

Damn! Is there any kind of work around?

None that I know of :frowning: