emiting from all vertecies

I tried to make my particles to emit from all vertecies on a mesh, but even if emission number = vertecies count, not all vertecies get a particle.
I would like something like grid for faces, where I don’t need to set the particle number, it would just emit one particle per vertex.
I attached a blend file : http://www.pasteall.org/blend/18595

Turn off random or some vertices may have more than 1 particle


Thanks Mr Marklew,
It works in the simple scene I attached. Actually I tried it on a complex scene and didn’t thought about it on the simple one I made for that thread.
It shows that the problem comes from modifiers.
I can’t get it to work in that blend file : http://www.pasteall.org/blend/18596
It works if I apply the modifier, but I lose the benefit of it then… I use it with an empty for animation and i sometime need to slightly modify the parameters. If I apply, the amount of work to get the same modification is huge.
What did I do wrong ?

For you other example, if you want an array you’ll have to take a different approach.
Use Duplication / Verts of a target mesh to position duplicates of your particle mesh
For other examples you’ll have to think of specific solutions for your specific situation given the range of tools you have available.


bug emit from vertex with modifier.blend (86.3 KB)

Thanks again Richard,
It works again for the file i’ve given. sometime it maybe faster to join the real project.
I couldn’t figure out how to randomize size and rotation with dupliverts.
Thing is I’ve about a million of instances, so converting/applying, then using object-> randomise transformation is just impossible.
Shouldn’t modifiers apply in the order we stack them ? I mean, array produces new vertecies and is before particle modifier in the attached file. It works good with displace modifier for example, particle are spawn on the new vertecies positions. Why not with array ?