Hello everyone,

I have been using blender for about 3 weeks, so I still trying to learn all of the features.

I am trying to create “the one ring” from LOTR, but am having problems lighting up the text on the ring. I wand the glowing text to be able to be animated so that when it is not glowing, the ring looks like a normal ring. So far I tried mapping my text image to trnslucancy and alpha and placing an emitting tube inside the ring (also tried an emitting nurbs doughnut converted to a mesh). This made the text glow, but the light is not affecting the rest of the ring or the walls of a cube that I have surrounding it. The other thing that I tried is to map my text to “emit”. This also only made the text glow without affecting anything else in the scene.

I did a render without the ring itself but with the emitting tube, and the walls lit up fine.

My questions are:

-Is there any way to make a texture that is mapped to “emit” affect radiosity so that the mapped text will partially light up the scene?

-If not, how would you go about making the glowing text on the ring.

-Would a texture mapped in this way be called an emitmap? I tried searching google for tutorials, but I do not get any valid results.

Thank you in advance,

Semi-newb, myself… I’ve used radiosity with materials; never tried with a texture; you have radiosity turned on in the rendering panel?
Just an idea: You could place a few lamps along where the text is, to simulate the text’s radiance.

Yeah, radiosity is turned on. I tried the scene with just an emitting object, and all went well.

I tried to make the ring have transparency where the text was by using a outer ring with alpha=0 and translucancy=1 and a slightly smaller ring inside that had emit turned on. I then maped my texture on the ring to make it not transparent everywhere there was not text. The text lit up, but the light was not making it past the transparent part of the outer ring (I had raytransparency turned on for the outer ring).

I like your idea of just using lights, and I might be able to make that work.


You try mapping it to “Emit”?

Don’t know if this will help but here are my renders for the test scene that I created.

The one with the texture mapped to “emit”.

The other method that I tried with the tube inside of the ring with transparent text in the outer ring.

The inner ring inside the outer ring.

The outer ring moved above the inner ring.

I am not worried about the colors or the shape of the ring as this is just a test scene. (My first successful uv mapping!)

Note that there are walls very close to the ring in all three renders. Also the normals on the walls are facing inward (towards the ring) and in both rings they are pointing outwards (towards the walls).

Make two separate scenes. One with the ring and one with the lettering you want to glow. Or maybe just different layers of the same scene. Render them seperately and put them into the sequence editor.

Lay the text on the layer above the ring. You can then add the glow effect in the sequence editor on only the lettering layer.

I believe that’s the aim. If I got the gist wrong, just flame me to death or something.

Just re-read again. What I said should be right. In the sequence editor if you don’t want the lettering then remove the clip from the timeline in that spot. It’ll be real simple once you get into the sequence editor.

On a side note, emit as a material property does not appear to function like it did in some earlier editions. Getting the glow from it used to be easy. Maybe I’m missing something, but I find the renderings quite a bit differently nowadays. Check that, I’m almost always missing something.

I am pretty sure that textures do not affect radiosity at all. This is probably why the emit and transparency maps that you have been using have not affected the radiosity render.

I like your idea of a ring of light inside the ring. Instead of using an emiting object maybe you could just have a bunch of lights inside the ring. (I think dupliverting a regular lamp onto a circle would work well for this.) Then use an alpha map as you did before to make the letters transparent. Make sure you have ray shadow turned on for the lamps and transparent shadows enabled for the objects outside of the ring (the walls).

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your replies.

I still need to learn how to use the sequence editor because I have never used it before. I tried figuring it out on my own, and found it to be slightly confusing. I will look into some tutorials.

You must be right on the texture not affecting radiosity. That would be the cause of all the problems that I had.
The lights inside the ring is a great idea. Not exactly sure what dupliverting is, but I can look it up.