Emitter Colour variation

Hi there,

I wasnt really sure if this was a modelling, a coding or a texturing and colouring question specifically so I’ve put it here for now. The concept is fairly simple but I just cant think of a way to do it.

Im building a masterplan of Haymarket in Edinburgh, Scotland and I would like to add a simple car model but would like to give the cars colour. At the moment ive Alt+D (instanced) the cars to save on memory as this will eventually become a very vertice heavy model and im looking to save on render times. Another reason for the instancing insead of a particle emitter is so that I can orient the cars along the road in the correct direction.

My question is: is there a way to attach several different textures to a part of the car and tell blender to randomise through these textures. The reason I say part of the car is because Id like the glass and interior to stay the same for simplicity’s sake.

Anyway, any help would be massively appreciated.



What renderer ?

Cycles renderer: All the cubes are linked duplicates and have the same material. The Random output sets a random colour for each cube using the colour ramp